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Anneke Kirsten-Barnard is a Counselling Psychologist from Cape Town with a special interest in Mindfulness, Emotional Inteliigence and Stress Resilience. Specialising in these fields has taken her to the US, where she trained under Jon Kabat-Zinn in Body-Mind Medicine and Mindfulness. She also completed a two-year Postgraduate Degree in Mindfulness through the University of Stellenbosch and trained with Google, focusing on Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence in the Corporate Space. She received her Mindfulness in Schools teacher training and her Emotional Capital Report certification in the UK. She has dedicated the last  7 years of her life to enhancing the resilience, growth, development, and transformation of organizations, schools, and health-care, and regularly engages in professional development, silent retreats, supervision and ongoing personal practice.

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