Joy Practice

MeditationEmbracing a sense of lightness in your practice gives rise to ease of mind. When the mind is at ease, it becomes more open, perceptive and less critical. These qualities deepen the mindfulness experience.

Today, I’m going to invite you to use joy as an object of meditation. Especially the gentle type of joy that is infused with a sense of bliss, that requires little energy. For example, being in nature, holding hands with someone you love, observing a beautiful painting or piece of music, reading a good book, watching your children, enjoying a good meal. These are great opportunities to practice mindfulness by bringing ‘moment to moment’ awareness to the joyful experience. Feeling and sensing into the body, mind and heart.

Invite such an experience to come to mind now. Allowing a real felt-sense of the experience to emerge. Watching the connecting thoughts, feelings and body sensations emerge. Letting them be. Watching curiously. With a sense of lightness and ease.

By bringing mindfulness to joyful experiences, they become even more enjoyable, simply because we are present to enjoy them. So setting the intention to bring full ‘moment to moment’ presence to those happy moments in your life, since they are only moments, but moments that can create joyous memories that last a lifetime.

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Anneke Barnard

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